Friday, April 20, 2012

Future of News

News is everywhere and on every device (computer / tablet / phone / TV / etc.) which lets the everyday person have access to news at anytime.  So many companies are trying to take advantage of this fact and present you with better news, and a better way to view that news.  This causes the everyday person to choose from a gazillion different news readers / sites / shows, while really only looking at a few different sources.  Yes, there are a TON of news sources, but really most people have their favorites and usually just stick to them.  That is why the way it is presented (news reader) is becoming one of the most important factors in news.  News readers are also helping people branch out into different news sources once they find a reader that they love (like Flipboard).

So there is one thing I can say for sure - there will be a ton of news to read / watch in the future, the big question is how will you view this news?  What device will you use?  What type of reader will you use?  What news sources will be the best?  How will it all come together for you?  Nobody really knows any of these answers (even though many would love to guess and make that guess fact), but I would like to take my guess at the topic!

I believe we are in an information now type of online society where people what to know whats going on right now and wants to then discuss that with their peers.  With everything today being at your finger tips I don't blame anyone for wanting to be in the know all the the time.  So whatever news reader and device wins out - it is going to have to be mobile and constantly pushing you content.  My guess would have to be the tablet, and a news app that is able to connect you to the right news sources.  There are many apps that already do this for singular news sources and also for multiple news sources, but I think it will need to go further than just that in the future.

I believe the future will be a news app that constantly pushes you the news that you have picked via source and topic.  I also think that app will be connected socially allow for article/ video sharing and group reading / watching.  I don't think we are too far off from this becoming reality, but there is much that needs to be done for this to happen and to become the norm in reading and watching news.

And until this happens I guess I will be stuck using my different apps / viewing different websites / and watching multiple shows !

Your OurTown Superhero,