Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video Ads and OurTown!

Listeners of the World,

It has been stated over and over again that this is the year of video and that video will help increase your engagement, conversation, and sales. Well OurTown is listening and working to make sure that our local editors get in on the action! already has video capabilities for articles/stories, but now we are starting to offer video capabilities for their local advertisements as well.

We have a great advantage since we are associated with which is a cost effective video ad solution for small and medium sized businesses. We are able to offer to our local editors something that most sites or news organizations can' ads that they can create and price themselves! vADz is an easy to use system where you mix and combine images, videos, text, transitions, and audio to create 15 to 60 second ads. They will have the ability to also add coupons, maps, and other attachments ( ex. car-fax, menu, catalog, etc.).

We have started to introduce this to many of our local editors and for now they can create video ads on the vADz main site, but soon this will be a built in feature! They have the ability to embed the video on the site, include a link in a story or in a rich text ad.

Video is everywhere and will be everywhere on! This is only one of the main new additions to OurTown that will make it better than the rest!

Your OurTown Superhero,