Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everything Video......

Listeners of the World,

We have begin making steps toward our new goal of making more video based! The first step was to make our HTML island "News Worthy" meaning our local editors now have a way to embed videos and have them be seen on our homepage and in our RSS feed. This will help increase the visibility of these videos to search engines.

Our second step is creating a Video Island that will allow our local editors to show any type of video! Right now we have a YouTube island that allows our local editors to show YouTube videos, which will be replaced by our new Video Island. This island is currently underdevelopment and should be released soon.

Our third step is the creation of our OurTown Video pages. We are currently working on this and once it is finished we will have a main OurTown Video page which will have all the videos playing on Plus each individual OurTown page will have its own Video Page that will show only the videos from that town. This should help increase the SEO on each of our town pages including as a whole!

We are also in the process of introducing editors to our new video creation tool (provided by vADz) which will help them create their very own news clips and video ads! Please check back for more updates about our progress with increasing video in all aspects of OurTown.

Your OurTown Superhero,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OurTown VideoAnchor!

Listeners of the World,

There are two main focuses out there right now and that is Video and Local! Many companies and people are focusing in on hyper local news and targeting smaller local markets. At the same time online video is on about everyone's mind. Here at we have combined hyper local news and video!

We are beginning a new program with some of our local editors which will involve them being able to create their own videos covering their local news! We are introducing them to a new video editing system that will allow our local editors to create unique videos about different events and topics in their town. This addition will help bring more compelling video to hyper local events and news that regularly wouldn't have been covered.

We plan on introducing these new videos across the entire site in the upcoming months as well as video ads that will help bring relevant advertising to each individual OurTown site. Video and Local are the waves of the future and OurTown is gearing up now!

Your OurTown Hero,